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We Walked the Green Mile!

We’ve organized a few sports activities here and there, but anyone who really knows me, would know that I am one of the least “sportiest” persons out there. But when presented with the opportunity to participate in a semi-sporty event that does not involve running or throwing or catching or hitting any ball, I immediately jumped at the opportunity. And I have to be honest, the added bonus of getting a pair of pretty slippers for free was so very enticing. And that it was for a cause dear to my heart so that was the cherry on top

And so finally after a lot of cajoling and planning, my colleagues and friends and I trooped to The Fort for Ipanema’s Walk the Green Mile, a walkathon to raise awareness on deforestation. To know more about this, go to the Haribon Foundation website here

I was the 20th person to sign up, probably because we were there since lunch time, too excited and keyed up. Our only wish was that the sun would go down a bit by the time we start because it was terribly hot and the prospect of walking 1.6 kilometers under the sweltering heat was too horrible to comprehend. Anyways, I used to run the 2.2 kilometer Academic Oval in UP, so I thought 1 mile wasn’t too difficult (and thank God it wasn’t a competition). However, that was like 10 years and 10 kilos ago, so good luck to me

Thankfully, the sun chose to hide already by 5PM, and so with the percussions of Buganda and the whole Elizalde clan leading the way, we made our way around Bonifacio High Street, some wearing the fashionable slippers of Ipanema while others chose to still go sporty with rubber shoes. I was walking hand in hand with Anja, Enya’s 6 year old daughter, and to distract her (and myself) from feeling tired, we exchanged non-sensical ghost stories. And while we talked about stealing jewelry from skeletons, people around us were walking casually, no one was trying to get ahead of anyone (maybe except Lester, our photographer), all in support of a greener and cleaner world. My only complaint was that there should have been a loudspeaker with a spiel about the cause so that the spectators could better understand why the heck we were walking around High Street.

And when we finally crossed the finish line, I felt a certain sense of achievement, even though the distance we covered is probably nothing to real athletes. I don’t care, at least I can say that I was able to finish a walkathon. Hah!

And our reward for our effort? Apart from the slippers, shirts and baller IDs for the first 50 participants, we were treated to sumptuous cocktails from Le Souffle (yes, we were dirty and sweaty and dined inside one of Manila’s most posh restaurants)and entranced by the wonderful performance of Ballet Philippines, as they showcased Ipanema’s Gisele Bundchen Seeds Collection. Oh, and for every purchase of these slippers, a donation will be made to Haribon Foundation. So if you care for your planet and your sense of fashion, go and get one now!

And yes, we still had to treat ourselves after the event to a few cupcakes at Sonja’s (a visit to Serendra is never complete without cupcakes)so we probably gained back the few pounds we lost in this walkathon. Anyways, it was for a good cause, so I don’t regret it.

*photos courtesy of Mark Lester Cayabyab, shutterbug for hire

Anja doesn’t seem so excited, but we sure are!

You can see us somewhere in the huge crowd that walked around High Street

Walking the Green Mile and actually enjoying it

Okay, we seem to be doing a lot more picture-taking than walking

We actually finished 1.6 kilometers! What an achievement!

Ballet Philippines showing off Ipanema’s Gisel Bundchen Seeds Collection

Just one of the many nice and comfy designs of Ipanema Seeds

Me and a giant Gisele Bundchen


Sky Broadband Sucks

The title says it all

I normally don’t blog or even micro-blog about my frustrations with certain establishments or services, no matter how frustrated I am with them. I work in the communications industry so I know how even one blog entry can affect any company’s reputation or even sales

But I’ve reached my limit with Sky Broadband and so here I am

I was so excited to get their services because they claim to be faster and cheaper than regular DSL (serves me right for being too gullible). The first 3 days were heavenly. I even worked from home because I wanted to enjoy being able to work and download at the same time (darn firewalls). On the 4th day, things were okay, but afternoon came and I lost signal. I called them up, and when we couldn’t solve the problem through the phone, they promised to send a crew over the next day. But the next morning, I had a strong signal again, so I canceled the crew visit. Then again, in the afternoon, there wasn’t any signal again, and so again, I called. I was promptly informed that there was a problem with the Barangay Laging Handa (isnt my barangay’s name the best?) area and it will take at least a few days to fix it

Days turned to weeks. Then to months. Every week I would call and ask what was going on. On the 2nd week, I lost all signal completely, 24 hours. I asked and asked and asked and all they could answer was, Ma’am we’re still fixing the problem. And when I ask, how long would it take, the answer would always be, they have no idea. So for almost two months, I was able to use the service for only 3 days.

Okay, technical problems happen, I accept that. But for the problem to last two months and for no notice whatsoever from Sky Broadband, there must be something seriously wrong with you. I swear, I am so tempted to rip off the banners I see in EDSA advertising a free trial of Sky Broadband for a month.

I know there are bigger problems in the world, but all I want right now is to be able to go home and do my freelance stuff and download whatever I want and watch whatever I want online. Is that too much to ask???

So yeah, I am canceling my Sky Broadband and if they charge me for 1 year as the contract states, I swear I am going to throw a massive hissy fit.

So the point of this entry is, don’t subscribe to Sky Broadband unless you are 100% sure that they will not have a month long or year long technical problem in your area

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