once again and always

22 Feb

To say that the story of our friendship deserves its own soap opera would be an understatement.

College would never have been as fun if we weren’t friends. The chances of us not being friends were actually astronomical, seeing as to we were only a handful in our block. And the moment I first talked to you, I knew we would be soul friends. We weren’t really that different. We both came from damaged families, both love music like itself, both emotional (although I still maintain that you are the “crazier” one. agree?), both came from strictly Catholic families then converted to Born Again Christianity at around the same time I don’t remember the exact details of all our college adventures. But I do remember the nostalgia that creeps into me every time I see the Sunken Garden, CASAA, former CCC and Christmass tambayans, and whenever Sir Paolo Manalo is mentioned. I don’t remember how many tears we shed with each other over countless boys, failed exams, questions about God and life, and yes, tears of laughter over such trivial things as the word “boylet”. And even after college, the bonds were never broken. We didn’t actually have a blood compact or said the actual words, but it was understood that we would be each other’s maid of honors, our kids would grow up together, we would grow old together

Until the incident

Thinking about it now, brings a sharp pain to my soul. Not because of the guy we both loved and who is now yours (whether you like it or not. haha), but because of what it did to us. Never in a gazillion years would I have thought we would make those stupid decisions, those frakking horrible mistakes that would forever alter the course of our friendship and our lives But we did. And we paid dearly for those mistakes. And I all but gave up on love and my best guy friend and girl friend. And I will forever regret that time of my life until my death bed

Until, miracle of miracles, one of us (i dont even remember who) started to tentatively reach out, with fear and foreboding at first, then with more confidence and determination

And from the ashes of a seemingly broken relationship, there arose forgiveness and love Of course things will never be like they were, not just because of what happened to us, but because we become different persons with every passing second of the day

But who needs juvenile, nostalgic friendship when what you’ve got is a brand new one, with has literally stood the test of time and life?

And now that in a few months, you will be more or less 5,000 miles (according to google) from me, I am both saddened and excited for you. Excited, because you are going on a new journey with the man who once came between us (and who should now take care of you, and if he doesn’t i will kick him all the way to timbuktu) and your beautiful little boy. Saddened, because once again, I will “lose” you, but not really, because, what are a thousand miles compared to what we’ve been through?

What I want to say, and I am making it a public declaration mind you, is that nothing can ever ever ever come between us again. Not him, not New Zealand, not even ourselves

I am truly blessed to call you once again, and always, my friend

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