i was a writer in another lifetime

19 Feb

I used to write

I never got published, nor received any accolade of sorts, but I think I was a pretty decent writer, if my high marks from my writing classes since elementary are any indications. My English high school teacher, who is my favorite teacher of all time (shout out to Mrs. Delosantos, Canossians! where is she now anyways), always had high hopes for me, even though she constantly reminded me that i am too lazy to actually write an epic someday

When I look back at some of my writing, only around 20% make me cringe, so I think i was never that bad. And I only cringe at those stuff that I wrote when i was in love or broken hearted because now they seem too trivial and corny and useless

But somewhere along the way, as predicted by the aforementioned English teacher, I became too lazy to even finish a short story or a decent article or even a coherent blog post

Hence, therefore and thereafter, giving the impression to some people that all I am good at is writing an events checklist, jotting down a few sentences for a presentation, composing numerous emails to my clients and answering stupid surveys on facebook and multiply. I am not even worthy of an invite to an event that should be able to produce blog articles, even though I repeatedly begged and cajoled and I promised not to eat dinner or get a freaking giveaway. All I wanted was to see the event, write down my thoughts that other people would hopefully read and help in promoting the product (therefore adding to the agency’s good name, not that I am such a significant person in the blogging world, but it still is another blog after all)

Anyways, I digress and that is not my entire point

My point is this, I will try to write again, and hopefully some of the magic is still there. Maybe then they might take me seriously and see that I am more than just a pretty face (HA!)

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One response to “i was a writer in another lifetime

  1. abby

    April 7, 2009 at 3:22 pm

    that’s great, ida! 20% is great! before getting married i had to haul out all my old journals and notebooks too see what i would keep and throw – i totally burned them all!!! haha, guess i should stick to scientific writing. ~abby


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