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of course i had to make an eraserheads post

i think it’s mandatory for people who blog and whose college lives unfolded to eraserheads music. and even though my attendance at the reunion concert is still up in the air (are there tickets still available?), i just have to do this post. after all, their music brings both tears, laughter and nostalgia as i reminisce

“Trip to Jerusalem”
The first concert I ever watched in UP was their Fruitcake concert. And I still get goosebumps everytime I remember how the whole UP Theater “exploded” when they got to this part of the song “Oh tell me do you wanna fly Fly high way up in the sky”. Everyone was jumping up and down, hands in the air, shouting the lyrics. Goosebumps, I tell you

“With A Smile”
A good friend, who is now working in Disneyland Hongkong but whose hair still remains the same to this day, serenaded another good friend in her classroom. I was both “kilig” and embarassed for both of them. But at that time, I think it was sweet. Looking back now, it’s probably corny

“Shake Yer Head”
This song brings back memories of lazy days in the tambayan, with John strumming on his guitar, and the rest of us trying to remember the lyrics to this song, with Leah always coming out the winner, if I remember it right

“Hey Jay”
A friend came out to me through this song. Until now, I dont think he/she (to protect his/her identity) is out to anyone. And I will carry his/her secret to my grave, if he/she asks me to

This brings back memories of tambay days during, err, well, sembreak. This was when I still went out of our house in Laguna, and when I still had friends there. You would always find us sitting in front of someone’s house, with someone playing the guitar, us eating chips and drinking coke, and boys and girls harmlessly flirting with each other. I forgot some of their names already, but the scene will forever be familiar

Friends tease me that this song can actually be re-titled “Ida”. This was the point of my life when I had a new crush (which I referred to then as “love”) every week

Everytime I hear this song, I tear up. As in, everytime. I never lived in the Kalayaan dorms, but my whole college life revolved around my friends. Of course, I studied (although I did graduate a year late) but looking back, I barely remember the different film theories or what apperture I should set my camera when taking pics of a moving object or what the relevance of STS is to my life. But I do remember all the moments in the tambayan, each and every heartache I experienced, the first time I was able to enroll on my own (yup, my Mom still helped me enroll when I was a freshman), and most of all, all the friendships that I cherish up to this day.

Okay, enough of the mushiness and sentimentality. Time to look for those darn tickets!


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