things that make me feel uncomfortable and/or annoy me

10 Sep

1. wearing IDs – even back in high school, i hated wearing these things. i dunno, maybe it’s the hidden rebel in me manifesting itself in a weird way

2. looking at people in the mirror of a public bathroom – avoid eye contact, that is my rule. maybe that is why i’ve missed seeing people i know even when they were right beside me

3. people who aren’t close to me making cracks about my weight or lack of lovelife – ano tayo, close? i don’t mind if it’s friends who do that, but if not…how dare you?

4. being in a cramped elevator when the floor im going to is in the 30+ range – different strangers with different smells with different breaths with different body parts all stuck in one cramped space. Gives me shivers

5. women who breastfeed on the mrt – i know breastfeeding is a glorious thing, but woman, please do it in private to avoid men ogling you and women falling over themselves to avoid looking at you. i dont mind the caterwauling of your baby as long as i dont see your boobs

6. people who talk loudly on their cellphones – while i am sometimes amused at the different stories you hear from people who scream into their phones, when i want to concentrate on my book or my music or my sleep, i just want to hit them over the head

7. myself, when i correct people’s grammar in my head – di naman nababawasan ang pagkatao pag mali ang grammar diba???

8. myself, when i become too emo – what the hell do i have to be emo about anyway? i have a good family, good friends, great job. what else do i want? oh yeah, that. ha

9. making small talk with people who are obviously not interested in what i have to say – i’d rather just shut up and fade into the wallpaper

10. people who are just overflowing with self-confidence – wait for someone to compliment you, wag ka magbuhat ng sariling bangko (dont carry your own chair? haha)

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