Another One of Them Surveys

21 Aug


1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc.).
2. Put it on Shuffle Mode.
3. Press play.
4. For every question, type the song that’s playing.
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button.
6. Don’t lie and try to pretend your cool.

Opening Credits:
Your Weak Hands (Azure Ray) – hmmm….yes, can be a bit apt

You held my hand
Led me homeward
I looked for you
You were nowhere
Holding tight my hand
Was my own

Waking Up:
Another Sunny Day (Belle and Sebastian) – I swear, my itunes was on shuffle!

Another sunny day, I met you up in the garden
You were digging plants, I dug you, beg your pardon
I took a photograph of you in the herbaceous border
It broke the heart of men and flowers and girls and trees

First Day At School:
Queen of Apology (The Sounds) – Oohkaay…may be a bit of a stretch. But love the song nonetheless. Yes, indeed, I am a queen of apology

Now I’m fighting this feeling
but it never stops, never stops
I’m still waiting
And I’m stuck with this feeling
will it ever stop, ever stop?
I keep trying

Falling In Love:
32 Flavors (Ani Di Franco) – Why settle for just one flavor when you can have your pick of 32 flavors? And I mean you, you know who you are

and I’m beyond your peripheral vision
so you might want to turn your head
cause someday you’re going to get hungry
and eat most of the words you just said

Fight Song:
If I Ever Lose My Faith (Sting) – This should be a mantra after every fight

I could be lost inside their lies without a trace
But every time I close my eyes I see your face

Breaking Up:
Rental Car (Beck) – First time I heard this song actually. Haha

Hey now girl, at the end of the road
Down where the reaper is walking alone
Singing a death knell, clapping along
At the end of the night there’s a road will be gone

The Beekeeper (Tori Amos) – As with every other Tori song, weird, just weird. The only reason I chose this part of the song is because of the word gown. Otherwise, doesnt remind me of prom at all.

In your gown with your breathing mask
Plugged into a heart machien
As if you ever needed one
I must see the beekeeper I must see if she’ll keep her alive

Mood Swings (Debbie Gibson) – Well, yeah, I sometimes act manic depressive

In a vicious cycle of depression once
Not too long ago
But I’m over it now

Mental Breakdown:
Storms in Africa (Enya) – The original words are in another language. But as I always put it, it is ferpectly aft

How far is it from?
The beginning of the storm
The start to the end
Take your heart
Take your beloved
Long Journey
Heavy through the storm

Light and Shaded (Fra Lippo Lippi) – I don’t know how to drive, so if you put me at the wheel of a car, we would probably end up in the clouds

Sail on the wings of a cloud
Where to, well nobody knows

How High (Madonna) – Uhm, okay

It’s funny, I spent my whole life wanting to be talked about
I did it, just about everything to see my name in lights
Was it all worth it? And how did I earn it?
Nobody’s perfect, I guess I deserve it

Getting back together:
Liham (Hale) – Yes, I have Hale. You got a problem with that?

Nasasaktan bawat araw bawat hakbang
‘Di mo lang maramdaman
‘Di sinasadyang

I Always Was Your Girl (Jennifer Love Hewitt) – Okay, I don’t want to be this cheesy on my wedding day

Birth of Child:
City of Blinding Lights (U2) – If only for this line

Oh you look so beautiful tonight
In the city of blinding lights

Final Battle:
Run For It (Delirium) – Yeah, yeah, I know I’m a coward

You better run for your life, love, I’m walking I’m walking

Death Scene:
Bullet (Mat Kearney) – What a dramatic yet extremely painful way to die

I would take a bullet for you
I would lose it all, I’d take my fall
To show you it’s for real

Funeral Song:
Me (Paula Cole) – OMG! I actually wrote it down somwhere that I want this to be played at my funeral!

I am carrying my voice
I am carrying my heart
I am carrying my rhythm
I am carrying my prayers

End Credits:
An End Has a Start (Editors) – Okay, I cheated. I skipped one song so that this song would be my end credits song. It’s just too perfect!

You came on your own
That’s how you’ll leave
With hope in your hands
And air to breathe
I won’t disappoint you
As you fall apart
Some things should be simple
Even an end has a start

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One response to “Another One of Them Surveys

  1. ris

    August 24, 2007 at 5:09 am

    this is sooo cool! ang galing naman sumasakto yung songs mo =) well i don’t know most of them, pero sa title palang.. hehe


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