monday morning blues

13 Aug

nah, i don’t really have the blues. and even though i didn’t sleep a wink, and even though i know it’s gonna be another hell week, i just feel so energized and ready to take on the world. well, in a sleepy way, that is.

so what has got me so revved up?

jollibee’s chicken tocino breakfast

i dunno why oily food hits the right spot, but it does. and when you pair it up with hot chocolate, man, it just tastes like a slice of perfection. until i start thinking of the calories, that is. but i refuse to think of the calories

music! music! music!

azure ray – dream pop at its dreamiest
hellogoodbye – makes me want to dance around the room
nerina pallot – makes me wish i could sing and play the piano like her
amelie ost – makes me weepy and nostalgic and romantic
my wake me up songs – love is waiting, my favourite book, knowing there is only now, long walk home, sofia, grateful, we are all in the dance

lack of sleep

for some reason, i am more alive and productive and adrenaline-y when i haven’t got any sleep. but then after a few hours, i will surely crash into oblivion. so i should enjoy this while it lasts

the truth shall set you free

i took a big step last friday in admitting something to someone, although it was somehow under duress. but i havent done that in a long time, and it feels so liberating. and i am enjoying the “perks” that come with finally being open about it. let’s just hope i remember the rules and not overthink and overanalyze things. right, luv?

paris je t’aime

come hell or high water, i am going to watch it tonight. i swear, if anyone gets in my way, i will get so freaking pissed they won’t know what hit them. as feist so aptly put it, nous sommes tous dans la danse

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Posted by on August 13, 2007 in the ida chronicles


One response to “monday morning blues

  1. bubbles in champagne

    August 13, 2007 at 6:21 am

    “i took a big step last friday in admitting something to someone… and it feels so liberating” – Yihee! I shall see how liberated you’ve become! hehe. tama na meetings! be back here in the opis. hehehe.


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