Things I’m Loving Right Now (aka My Addictions)

25 Jul

in no particular order

1. The moment when I’m the first person in the office and I can lie on the pink bean bag and listen to my songs of the day wholeheartedly, with eyes closed and a silly/sad/ecstatic grin on my face

2. Standing immobile under the showers for a few minutes and just letting the water rush over me after an intense workout or at the end of a hot and stressful day

3. Me tickling Lola and then her pinching me and exclaiming how “tabachingching” I am already.
She’s the only one who can get away with that.

4. Devouring books at the most unusual times and places, like waiting for the bus in Kamias, standing in line at the bank, waiting for the bus to fill up, in the middle of the work day when my head can’t take it anymore, waking up unexpectedly in the middle of the night. And yes, I devour books like there’s no tomorrow

5. Arranging, rearranging, manually editing my song titles and info in Itunes. Goodbye winamp

6. Looking for and downloading old and new TV commercials and music videos from Youtube and iFilm. It’s addictive I tell you. I get inspired. I am thoroughly amused. And the old videos are truly nostalgic. It’s addictive I tell you. Now if only we could come up with ads as great as these

7. Having non-sensical and silly YM conversations that may or may not contribute to my development as a person

8. The smell of the different Body Shop bath gels. And the smell of the shampoo and soap at Planet Infinity. And the smell of my faux Light Blue perfume from Bench

9. Internet window shopping and then the day when I actually buy something and they actually deliver it to my office and then unwrapping it and then showing it off to everyone. Again, addictive

10. Watching crime procedural shows (CSI, Bones, Law and Order, Without a Trace, Medium) with my brother and then discussing them in a serious but fun way, like which actor has guested in all of the above, or how yummy the autopsy is, or how realistic that particular case is

Now, tell me what you love….

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Posted by on July 25, 2007 in randomness is fun


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