Daily Archives: July 10, 2007

random thoughts while listlessly exercising on the treadmill

if i fall down the treadmill, will people laugh?

what the heck are those women in the spinning class doing? is this self-inflicted torture?

how many minutes more?

i hope no one is looking at the junk in my trunk

i wish i could make like those “ok go” guys and just dance away on all these treadmills

note to self: look at people wearing bandanas or else you might miss seeing piolo again

how many minutes more?

how the heck did i get from 90 lbs to 1 _ _ lbs? i’m now regretting all those chocolate bars and ice creams over the years, while at the same time, i am dying to have one

i have got to get an ipod video. staring at pokemon on the tv while working out is not so conducive. where is that damn remote?

how many minutes more?

it’s only in the movies where you meet “potentials” at the gym. most of the people around me are mommys. or gays. or women who dont need to go to the gym anymore. but yeah, i didnt go here to meet anyone anyway. so there

how many minutes more?


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