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It is a dreary Monday morning.
The skies are threatening to once again blanket the Metro in unwelcome tears.
My eyes are threatening to give up on me and catch up on the sleep I’ve been depriving them.
My head is mentally preparing itself to a gruelling week of meetings, plannings, brainstormings.

It’s not supposed to cheer me up, but weirdly enough, it does

For the past weeks or so, I’ve been feeling this emotion that has been foreign to me for so long. Completeness. Satisfaction. Peace

I have made peace with my Father. There are still some issues up in the air but I know that if He got me through the darkets parts of my life, He can get me through these. They say that sometimes He has to break you in order to reach you, but this time around, He blessed me continually in spite of my unfaithfulness, until I couldn’t resist anymore. He really has his weird ways and I love Him all the more for that

I am finally home with my family, where I belong. It involves a lot of late night commuting and struggles to wake up early in the morning but at least I can be there whenever my brother cracks a corny joke or Mama cooks a delicious meal or Lola needs me to comfort her when she’s sick. At the end of the day, family is still the most important thing

I love my job, my boss, my co-workers. How many people can honestly say that? No matter how many headaches I get from clients, how many meetings and brainstormings in a day I have to go to, I would still declare my love for a job that I know I am meant to do (after years of dilly dallying as to what I want to do with my life, this is truly a great achievement)

Broken is alive. For those of you who don’t know what Broken is, it’s my band during my college years that was such a big part of my life then and now. And even though 2/5 of the band are married with children (with one more due to tie the knot this year), we are not old enough to love music and to share this love with other people. I imagine that even when we’re 60, we would still find a way to play geriatric music together.

There are still so many big and small things that I am thankful for, but I might ramble on and on and on and on…So I will just leave you with the words of Stephen Speaks…

If i lay my voice down at Your feet
would you still hear my song echoing
i might end this game of hide and seek
because in You

i am complete
oh in You
i am complete

all the voices i hear in my sleep
all the sins of my past echoing
to stay off my knees and on my feet
oh but they,
they can’t complete
cause in You i am complete


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