fete? ce n’était pas amusement

26 Jun

To say that my Fete dela Musique experience this year sucked is not really an understatement, but pretty close
Or maybe we just went to the wrong stage
Still, you couldn’t pay me enough to merge with the black boys at the rock stage or the over-blinged people at the hiphop stage
So i guess we were stuck with the supposedly world music/jazz stage, which turned out to be the we’re-not-that-popular-or-we-don’t-fit-anywhere-else stage
Out of the 10 or so performances we watched, only three stood out: Wahijuara, Coffee Break Island and of course, my band of the moment, Sino Sikat?
I will not name names anymore of who sucked, but suffice it to say, this is the first Fete where I did not enjoy the music
Fortunately, I was with friends who are always a joy to be with and we even ran into a friend whom we thought wasn’t here yet and free food is always fun, no matter the circumstances

So, here’s to a better Fete next year. Bring back the jazz, the reggae, the soul,the real world music

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One response to “fete? ce n’était pas amusement

  1. john

    July 3, 2007 at 9:17 pm

    “…aaaaand we’re back.”

    after a eon and a half.


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