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boracay blues

i had the perfect boracay post tucked away somewhere in my head, but it doesn’t want to come out somehow. It had perfect descriptions of sunsets that i only saw in movies and having dinners by the beach under a full moon and serenaded by dreadlocked dudes playing percussions. I wanted to tell you how I was so tempted to just build sandcastles for a living just so I could move there. I wanted to tell you how I felt so insecure about shopping for a bathing suit before going to boracay but when I got there, it didnt really matter what you wore because everything else failed in comparison to the beauty of the place. I wanted to tell you that I didn’t mind that Boracay was too commercialized because if you wanted isolation, Boracay isn’t the place for you but if you wanted a romantic spot that you can share with a hundred other people, then it is the perfect place

But I think I’ll let the pictures tell the story because I’m not feeling so eloquent right now

of course, we have to start taking pictures in the airport pa lang

Someday, that will be me. Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking

Beach Bums (I don’t mind being one forever)

This was our home in Boracay. Don’t be fooled by the name, it’s actually a really nice hotel

It wasn’t romantic, but it was introspective

Posing at Puka Beach – the mostest bueatifulest place we visited

mermaids anyone?

my favorite starfish

dinner by the beach…

the standard artistic picture (aka modeling a lifevest)

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