10 weird things about me

25 Apr

I’ve been tagged twice, so here goes

1. I’ve made it my personal mission to collect mp3s like there’s no tomorrow. Right now, they occupy 70% of my 80gig laptop. And i have countless burned mp3s. And they’re all arranged by artist, alphabetically and by album.

2. I am so OC about organizing events and my computer files but my room looks like a heavy metal band trashed it. But as they say, there is order in chaos

3. I have this thing about getting on escalators. I can only get on the even numbered steps. Otherwise, I lose my balance and try to grab on to the nearest thing, which usually turn out to be strangers

4. I used to hate shopping for anything girly, like clothes, shoes, make-up. I would rather buy books or cds or techie stuff. But all that is slowly changing

5. I have bags within my bag. There’s the kikay bag, the techie bag, the school supplies bag and the snack bag. I feel incomplete when one bag is missing.

6. i am so paranoid about forgetting to lock bathroom doors. It’s my constant fear that I forgot to lock the door and then someone will walk in and see me doing my business. And I’m also scared of opening bathroom doors for fear that the person
inside forgot to lock their door

7. I am obsessed with getting the perfect body but too lazy to do anything about it. If I spent all my energy on actually working out instead of whining and stuffing my face, maybe I’d have a bod like Beyonce already

8. I used to have notebooks of my favorite celebrities back in high school (eg. eric fructuoso and hans montenegro)and i plastered my wall with posters of edward furlong and leonardo dicaprio. And I memorized all the albums of debbie gibson. And the choreography of paula abdul’s opposites attract. In other words, I am such a fangirl

9. I am an introverted extrovert. I can talk like crazy, especially after I’ve had a dose of caffeine. But more often than not, if I had a choice, i would rather curl up with a book or my laptop or just lie down in bed and stare at the ceiling and make movies in my head

10. I cannot eat anything that has buko or gata in it because a few minutes after I eat that, there is a revolution in my tummy. And so I miss out on a great number of Bicolano dishes and drinking fresh buko juice. Or maybe I should just say to hell with it and i might lose a few pounds along the way

i tag whoever wants to get tagged

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One response to “10 weird things about me

  1. kj

    April 29, 2007 at 3:27 pm

    ah nuts. now that i have mastered the art of cooking ginatan…kidding. just wanna say i miss you.


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