not really stranger than fiction

26 Mar

this morning as i got out of bed, i felt a bit like harold krick, the main character in stranger than fiction, one of my favorite movies

i know that i will wake up not because of my alarm clock but because of a phone call from either my boss, an officemate or a client.
i know it will take me 15 minutes before i can force myself to trudge to the bathroom and do my morning rituals.
i know i will do all my morning rituals in the same, exact order that i’ve been doing it for the past two months.
i know it will take me approximately 30 minutes to get dressed and put on all sorts of stuff on my hair and make-up and then another 15 minutes to choose which bag to use for today and then literally dump all my things from my previous bag.
i know that i will sit on my bed for a minute just to convince myself that i should start my five minute walk to the office.
i know that as i go down the stairs, i will be met by the not so cute dog of my landlord and that he will growl for a few seconds before recognizing that i am one of the good guys.
i know that as i reach the corner of morato i will wage an internal battle with myself whether i should buy a cup of starbucks coffee or settle for kopiroti’s cheaper but not necessarily better brewed kopi.
and i know that as i take the 3 flights of stairs to my office, my day will probably be spent in front of takeshi kaneshiro (aka my laptop).

oh, and when i opened the radio this morning, the very first song that i heard was Spoon’s The Way We Get By which was the song riff they used in the movie I mentioned above

it’s a sign that i need to get a life. or even shake up my routine a bit

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One response to “not really stranger than fiction

  1. Carren

    April 13, 2007 at 2:29 pm

    I was an exta in that movie. Or more precisely, my car was. 😀


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