metal from the sky

16 Mar

a month or so of painstaking preparation
countless sleepless nights
loss of social life (which wasn’t really there to begin with, come to think of it)
loss of hair due to frustration with anal-retentive client
loss of confidence in one’s abilities coupled with surprising discoveries about one’s capabilities

and then after…

my personal highlight of our big event wasn’t the President’s arrival or the kudos offered by happy clients nor the look of tired satisfaction on my colleague’s faces

it all boiled down to an unfortunate freak accident

an hour or two after the President leaves, I open a door and down came the metal plate on top of my head
elated turned into dazed and confused and in tremendous amount of pain
and to my embarrassment afterwards, everyone from the site director to the janitor was fussing over me

the plus side, after an x-ray and a CT scan, it turned out to just be a contusion. and i got a much-needed four day rest

the minus side, i was so looking forward to an after event “party” which never materialized because of the whole mess

but i really am grateful that all screws are still present inside my head. or whatever is left of them


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2 responses to “metal from the sky

  1. Jinggo

    March 19, 2007 at 11:41 pm

    ooh, that sounds painful. Well, I hope you’re ok now, sans any permanent damage.

  2. Althea

    March 23, 2007 at 7:17 pm

    hi ida! remember me? i was althea.blogdrive and papercupgirl.blogdrive. hehe. lumipat ka na rin pala sa blogspot! 🙂 hope all’s well.


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