make a wish

23 Feb

i wish you could transport yourself here and have 10 cups of coffee with me till we’re too high to find the exit door because we’re too busy dancing and giggling about the silliest things. i miss those days

i wish i had the ability to have only 3 hours of sleep but still look gorgeous and refreshed the next morning. But then even when I had 8 hours of sleep I still wasn’t that so go figure

I wish I had enough money to decorate the little space in morato i call home. It doesnt feel like home to me because of all the furniture that’s there that i didnt choose but comes with the package. The oversized armoire, the creaky bed, the humid air, those arent very conducive to reading a book, doing a handicraft or sort or even just staring off into space

i wish i could sit for an hour or two with bono and just pick his brain. and then afterwards he would grab his guitar and sing “walk on” to me while tears silently trickle down my cheek. a hallmark emo moment

i wish i would stop falling for guys who look my way but see an empty space or guys who love to look at pretty girls or guys who are emotionally unavailable or guys who seem nice but will eventually turn out to be jerks. Okay, i’ve already ruled out 60% of the male population, and 35% have a different preference. So good luck to me!

i wish i didnt disappoint you. you put me on a pedestal and now that you think i’ve fallen, you just can’t hide your dismay and hurt huh? But you know what would make you cry even more? I love my life now. It’s not perfect but it’s a path that i’ve chosen on my own. Is it a tall order to tell you not to feel sad for me?

i wish i didn’t have to deal with anal-retentive clients. it definitely takes out the fun in doing events. i dont mind the late nights, the cramming, the thousand details, as long as i dont have someone breathing down my neck

i wish i could sit in one corner the whole day and just finish 2-3 books that are supposed to be read but are now gathering dust and sitting forlornly on my bedstand

how about you? what do you wish for at this very moment?


Posted by on February 23, 2007 in randomness is fun


3 responses to “make a wish

  1. Jucato

    February 24, 2007 at 3:49 am

    I wish my wittle sistew would come home coz we miss her very much. 😦

  2. Witness Street

    February 24, 2007 at 3:41 pm

    I wish to be in New York watching a classical concert. Because I am such a poseur.

  3. kj

    February 25, 2007 at 2:36 pm

    i wish i could have the coffee with you. naks. i wish you could meet big daddy and understand why i like him so. hehe. once more, naaaaks.


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