anywhere but here

06 Dec

it’s been a while since i’ve played this game, since ive been thoroughly happy and satisfied with the way my life has been going lately. and i still am happy. i feel like this is where i belong

but there are days, when you have a pounding headache, when your body seems to be rebelling against you, when no matter how little you eat you cant seem to fit into your old jeans, when you’re getting frustrated with love (or the lack of), when people keep saying your event is interesting and that they will go but no one seems to be actually going, when you just want to curl up with your music and your tv shows and your books in a cozy room somwhere in baguio

yes, it’s one of those days

so…anywhere but here

i want to sit in a cafe in italy, sip three shots of espresso, quietly read a book that will cause the people around me to look at me and say, hmmm, she seems interesting

i want to walk along the cobbled streets of greece and go to the ancient ruined temples and listen to the echoes of long ago

i want to walk down the streets of new york, walking slowly, drinking in all the sights, not minding the people who are hurriedly walking past me, cursing me for walking slowly. i wanna stare at that bright monstrosity of a tree at rockefeller center

i want to swim in the blue waters of palawan, never mind that the water might be freezing. i want to bury my feet in the sand and watch pretty girls and gorgeous men as they walk by. but i will not wear a bikini. at least not yet

i want to browse through all the booksales in the greater manila area. and have enough money to buy a book from each

i want to drink a big chill strawberry kiwi fruit shake

i want too much. sigh

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Posted by on December 6, 2006 in the ida chronicles


One response to “anywhere but here

  1. Witness Street

    December 9, 2006 at 5:59 am

    Wow…beautiful post. I have the same sense of aspiration, to disappear into oblivion, disappear into freedom. Thanks for this. =)


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