just because

04 Dec

because of a gazillion doses of bioflu and tuseran (burning questions: why do cough syrups have to taste so vile? and why the heck do some people get addicted to it?) i feel like i’m floating somewhere in space looking down at me forcing myself to work

because of an intense buffy (gads, how i miss this show) and battlestar galactica (people, please start watching!) marathon, i am now so tempted to cancel all other appointments and just stay at home and watch all night, a throwback to my tv addiction days. hi i’m ida and i’m a tv-holic

because klite 103.5 is going off-air by dec 15, i have now decided to forsake radio and just stick to my kick-ass new phone/mp3 player and i dont mind waiting in line or going on long commutes as long as my kick-ass new phone/mp3 player has life

because i was not able to go to baguio this weekend and people forgot to bring me pasalubong (okay, i forgot that guys are incapable of doing thoughtful things for people other than their girlfriends), i am now craving for any strawberry-ish food, but i know it’s bad for my diet, so im feeling a bit cranky

because i still feel groggy, i am not capable of producing profound and insightful words and so you are stuck with reading these random thoughts for i feel bad looking at my blog and seeing that my last entry is november 29

because i woke up to this song this morning, this is my lss (can you guess the song?)

Ive willed, Ive walked, Ive read
Ive talked, I know, I know,
Ive been here before

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Posted by on December 4, 2006 in randomness is fun


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