hi, i’m ida and i’m a klutz

27 Nov

it still amazes me sometimes that i am such a klutz
just last week, i sported three bandaids on my fingers because of numerous paper cuts
and my day isn’t complete without a daily tripping on one or more steps of our three story house (i swear, i might actually really hurt myself one of these days)
and just yesterday, i almost decapitated a finger with our can opener and then later on, with the filing cabinet

i can blame tripping and falling on my inner ear infection, but what about the other “accidents”? i guess i really have to accept the reality that i will never be a model or a graceful dancer (aside from the fact that even if i had perfect balance, i still wouldnt be able to make a career with both)

but i guess i kinda like my klutziness, because i am constantly reminded of how imperfect i really am. which is not such a bad thing really. i would never be overconfident and even if i am, i will be brought crashing back to earth (literally)

and i dont mind being a constant source of amusement from the people around me, even the people i dont know. because when you are sprawled on the pavement, the only thing you can do is laugh because crying will not do you any good, really

so the next time you see me holding on to the escalator for dear life, or you see me with my skirt stuck in the door, don’t worry, you can laugh along. i just wish you would help me first

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Posted by on November 27, 2006 in the ida chronicles


One response to “hi, i’m ida and i’m a klutz

  1. Stef

    November 29, 2006 at 7:50 pm

    hey ids, from one klutz to another, if we go by the rules of romantic-comedies, the cute and klutzy girls always gets the man! hahaha


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