stop stepping on me

20 Nov

i dont know what is it about me that makes people step on my toes all the time
and i dont mean that figuratively. i mean, literally step on my dainty feet!

for the past two days only, i got stepped on five times. and it’s not just the normal, step on a pinky toe kind of pain. it’s the “he’s wearing leather shoes and weighs more than a hundred pounds and steps on my foot for five seconds” kind of agony. and it keeps happening wherever i go. on escalators, in jeepneys, in elevators, in the office, etc etc etc

and no matter how many times they say sorry, it doesnt minimize the pain unintentionally and unknowingly inflicted on me

oh wait, im still talking about my feet right?

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Posted by on November 20, 2006 in randomness is fun


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